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Today I turn to you with a sad message. For more than a year our society and also our economy has been confronted with the war in Ukraine and its international consequences. One of these consequences is inflation. This inflation is one of the reasons for the announcement addressed to you today – but not the only reason.

Let me explain to you below what I have decided and why I have made this decision.
From a young age, I noticed my knowledge and interest in things like computers, the Internet, and programming, and gradually increased it. One thing led to another and already we have arrived at the present time, where I run several online services, which are more or less stepmotherly maintained at irregular intervals. In addition, there are projects that I run for other people who are not as much into computers and IT as I am.

But in the end, I am just one person who runs it all by myself. For private and professional reasons, I will have to significantly reduce my time for such projects – which I have always run alongside my job, i.e. in my spare time.
As a consequence of this decision, I am simply no longer able to continue to offer some of the services I offer. So, I have to “stamp down” these services partly completely and partly to a large extent. Now we come to the consequences that this decision has for you.

“ownOnline-managed-websites” will be discontinued on 04/30/2023

For clarification, if I have built an online service or website for you in the past and have promised you regular monitoring and maintenance performed by me since that time with no further action required on your part, then you fall under the “ownOnline-managed-websites” section.

I can therefore no longer offer you this service as of 01.05.2023. All I can only offer you in the future are irregular checks previously commissioned by you. Automatically without your call nothing will be maintained, adjusted or serviced. So if you have any need for adjustment or maintenance, you have to request it from me and expect a corresponding processing time.
“ownOnline-managed-Websites” also includes communication and financial management with vendors. This will also be dropped without exception, as I will no longer be able to do such coordination work, firstly due to inflationary developments and secondly due to time constraints. For you this means under circumstances need for action, which you clarify please in an individual communication with me, so that the relationship with the offerers, on which your services work do not suffer by my omission or must be terminated.
Which adjustments have to be made individually, you will find out in a separate information, which will reach you in the next few days also by mail.

I have to tell you honestly that I am very sorry about this step. However, it is necessary in order to be able to continue pursuing my private goals. I will try to make this transition phase as pleasant as possible for you. I will help you to prepare and familiarize yourself with the future tasks. Many things do not require much technical understanding at all. They are not witchcraft and can be automated to a large extent, so that even on your part only sporadic checks are necessary. Should any problems arise, I will still be available for you.

However, if you feel that the care of your service must continue in a timely manner, I will be happy to help you find a successor for me.

Thank you very much for your understanding in this matter and I wish you all the best. If you have any questions, I am of course at your disposal.

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Patrick Schneider is the owner of ownonline.eu. He describes himself as a born nerd with a specialization in entertainment. Patrick can draw on a wealth of experience in website administration, basic programming, marketing and privacy, and more.

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