oOShorts WWW30 – 30 years of the World Wide Web, 11% think “What?”

Today, 30 years ago, the first website was put online; put online, however, meant something completely different back then. On the occasion of this, Bitkom issued a press release yesterday. In it, she points out the almost unmeasurable explosion of inahlte on the World Wide Web. According to the Bitkom, the facts from the source DENIC are erzeit approx. 17 million web pages on-line, which have a .de Domain, thus the .de Domain is the third largest world-wide. In front of us are only the Chinese with their .cn domain and still unbeaten is the .com, domain that it is served internationally.

Despite this, Bitkom managing director Dr. Bernhard Rohlender warns. In Germany alone, 8 million people still have no Internet, so they are offline. That is still too many.

Participation in digitization must be a matter of course – for everyone in Germany.

Dr. Bernhard Rohleder – Managing Director of Bitkom

For the full text and 30 facts about the Internet – even with numbers to go with the bulleted list – see Bitkom’s press release.

— Patrick Schneider 08/06/2021


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