Welcome to ownOnline 2021

The new ownOnline is more independent, secure, privacy-friendly … just better.

Patrick Schneider

With the new website, there are even more ways to keep you informed and entertained


The new ownOnline relies on “from scratch” newly set up complete controlled system. For this purpose the widely used software WordPress Enhanced Edition is used. This makes the website compatible with about 75% of internet users Worldwide – that’s a lot better than it sounds.

Security and privacy

This website rejects HTTP communication with devices. This ensures that only devices that support a secure Internet standard can visit the website. Any devices that are no longer able to do so have reached their Zinit.

This website is equipped with various security tools. These come with intuitive solutions in the process. For example, do you want to write a message in the contact form, or write a comment? Our spam protection is not an invisible non-transparent captcha ala “I am not a robot.” Just put the puzzle part on. Done.

Email communication here happens perpetually through your own mailboxes. The old era ownOnline’s GMail and Outlook addresses remain, of course – but communication there is only done in case of emergency. Email addresses like we protect as best we can from spambots.

This site has been constructed from the ground up to support a high standard of privacy. All content that this site loads also comes from this site. Your device only accesses our servers when you visit this site. If we need third party content to display, the server loads it from the third party itself beforehand, so your device only communicates with ownonline.eu. If third party content is included, you may decide whether it is loaded or not. A YouTube video will only load if you want it to.

Of course, statistics about page visits are collected here, but that in such a way that no personal reference can be made. All in all, this website can be said to be in good health in terms of security and privacy. Even the Google PageSpeed Insights artificial intelligence is relatively happy with the website- 90% mobile, 100% desktop – that doesn’t happen often with this rigorous AI.


Blog posts, support, projects, spreading the ownOnline philosophy. Thanks to the Astra theme, our cookie banner solution with CookiesYes support and other implementations, we created a web interface that is intuitive to use. Simple yet universal and similar to many sites, yet unique again in a way. Let’s call it “Universal unique”.

And now the digital world continues to spin. As the portal DNSChoice.eu is relaunched. More info to follow.

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