The Philosophy

Back when the Internet was really new – and still today – we’re always recognizing benefits and new advances developing in or through it. At that time a great new medium was created, which is responsible for revolutionary changes – also in our society. It is necessary to understand this medium; to use it – although as a user or provider; to respect it – for what it makes possible (positive as well as negative); and above all not to slow down its development, but to influence it positively.

Regulating is good, steering is better.
Filtering is not good, enlightenment is better.
Censorship is terrible, openness is wonderful.
Politics is …, community is better.

ownOnline wants to help in the sense that it wants to be your companion in the world of this medium. From the beginning, or from now on. Whether you are a user, or a provider.

Patrick Schneider

What we do:

Are you planning to present yourself online? That’s wonderful! But do you know about the dangers and peculiarities of the Internet? Do you know how to do it right? To be honest: No one can know for sure. But ownOnline is happy to provide you with its experience and advice. ownOnline does not act as a for-profit company, but on a voluntary basis. Blogposts are meant to enlighten, projects are meant to increase the knowledge of interested people. See ownOnline as a mouthpiece and as a help opportunity for you. The goal is to make the internet better – and that without tearing it apart by regulations, but to steer it through and help – in a better direction and with contemporary of today’s generation.