Year: 2023

ownOnline stops offering “ownOnline-managed-websites”

Today I turn to you with a sad message. For more than a year our society and also our economy has been confronted with the war in Ukraine and its international consequences. One of these consequences is inflation. This inflation is one of the reasons for the announcement addressed to you today – but not …

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ownOnline goes blue

ownOnline will offer its recently very minimized offers (I know, but there is no other way 🫤) in the future only in a black/white neutral color scheme (steel blue). I’m trying to change the content so that it gets a neutral (but more towards dark) color tone, so are Independent of dark or light mode.

Meta: 390-million euro data protection fine and how we advertise in the future (1/2)

On January 4, 2023, the Irish Data Protection Authority (DPC) published a report, in which it announced a €390 million fine against Meta Ireland (Facebook and Instagram). European data protectionists and Meta, meanwhile, continue to argue over appropriate legalities for free socialMedia offerings that effectively rely on advertising. Meanwhile, I’m doing what I always do in that case. Thinking and philosophizing about what this actually means for some industries and whether it’s really the right thing to do.